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A window into Chang Mai

Three extra days in Phuket Island

Walking tour of Bangkok

Get more than a good night's rest

Cycling in Thailand

Kayaking in Thailand

Diving in Thailand

Bridge on the River Kwai

Thai Silk

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Special Features on Thailand

Thai Silk
Unlike the uniform and perfect texture of machine-made fabric, hand woven silk is unique, filled with the spirit and emotions of its creator.

Bridge on the River Kwai
Immortalised in the pages of a novel and by a Hollywood movie, the real bridge on the River Kwai that greets tourists today is pieces of its former self, steel and concrete having replaced wooden sections that did not survive destruction and bombings.

A Window into Change Mai.
Established in the last years of the 13th century, Chiang Mai city is an older central area surrounded by crumbling walls and a protective moat, and a newer surrounding area of bustling activity.

Three extra days in Phuket Island.
Mention the Thai island of Phuket to a seasoned traveller and you will hear stories about first-class resorts, white sandy beaches and spectacular dive sites.

Walking tour of Bangkok.
Thai culture and Bangkok attractions cannot be experienced and enjoyed through the glass panes of a moving taxi, or on the back of a loud tuk-tuk.

Get more than a good night's rest.
Boutique hotels do not exceed 150 rooms and distinguish themselves by not being standard.

Cycling in Thailand
Friendly people and an abundance of excellent accommodation in even the most remote areas make Thailand a fantastic destination to explore by bicycle. The variety of scenery and cultures of the different regions adds an exotic flavour that promises a memorable holiday.

Kayaking in Thailand
The spectacular limestone islands of southern Thailand are filled with incredible sea-caves, which can only be accessed by kayak, but you need not be an experienced paddler to make use of this liberating mode of transport.

Diving in Thailand
Thailand has over 2,000 kilometers of coastline, brushed by hundreds of offshore islands. It enjoys a tropical climate and its waters are warm and clear and home to an immense variety of marine life and coral reefs making it heaven for scuba divers.











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