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Get more than a good night's rest

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Boutique hotels do not exceed 150 rooms and distinguish themselves by not being standard.

Guests stay in a hotel to get some sleep. Pleasure-seeking guests stay at a boutique hotel to be pampered by a warm atmosphere, relaxing services and staff that know their names. A recent revival in traditional Thai Lanna architecture helps boutique hotels do this by etching intimacy and serenity into the architecture of the building and design of the rooms.

Boutique hotels in city destinations, usually located in the heart of dynamic cities with vibrant economies, promote technology, modernism and trendy, lively entertainment, such as a hip restaurant and bar. The Tamarind Village in Chiang Mai, an example of a boutique hotel in a city setting, offers spacious, village-style accom modations in a traditional setting that exudes convention and tranquility. Not even the hustle and bustle of the city will filter into the resort's peaceful atmosphere.

Boutique hotels in resort destinations, hidden away in remote locations, shy away from technology and instead offer guests amenities such as rose petal baths, private pools, honeymoon packages and painting lessons. At these boutique hotels, eco-tourism is combined with modern comforts to produce the ideal environment for today's traveller. At the Puchaisai Resort in Chiang Rai, guests are encouraged to get in touch with nature while enjoying a traditional Thai massage, strolling through lush tropical gardens or enjoying a light breakfast at the The Phu View Restaurant.

The Baan Mai Resort, located on the tiny unspoiled island of Koh Lone near Phuket, offers rubber workshops, day treks and excursions to surrounding islands. And at the Cliff View Resort, located in the jungles of Kanchanaburi on the banks of the Kwai Noi River, bask in raft houses and cottages that offer relaxation and lazy days.

Lanna Architecture

Lanna architecture, also known as Ruan Galae, is a delicate balance between beauty and practicality, an intriguing blend of faith and function. Lanna houses are built high off the ground, to avoid the floods during rainy season and provide a place to work during the dry season. The kitchen and the bedroom, always built as two separate structures, have walls that extend outward as they go upward. Each house has a porch used to welcome guests and a bathroom built a short distance away. The ran nam, an integral part of Lanna architecture and hospitality, is a raised platform that houses a pot of water and a ladle which invites anyone who comes by to drink of the water.

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