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Kayaking in Thailand

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The spectacular limestone islands of southern Thailand are filled with incredible sea-caves, which can only be accessed by kayak, but you need not be an experienced paddler to make use of this liberating mode of transport. Inflatable and open deck kayaks make piloting these boats far easier than it might seem, and Thailand’s calm waters are perfect for novices to get their sea legs.

Easily accessed from Phuket, Phang Nga Bay is extremely sheltered being land-locked on three sides and ideal for kayak cruising all year round. A visit to Phang Nga Bay is a must during any stay in or around Phuket. Mystic rock formations tower vertically out of the waters, known locally as ‘hongs’ - many of these little islands have hollow centres. Kayaks are the ideal way to visit the hongs and at low tide it is possible to enter inside through a hole in the wall. The extremely picturesque Phang Nga Bay and its surrounding limestone outcrops were the featured location for the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

Krabi features some of Thailand’s most stunning landscapes and forms part of the Had Noppharat Marine National Park. Large outcrops tower from the water to form curious monoliths. Unlike Krabi Province, most of these islands are visited by very few western tourists. It’s an undeveloped, unspoiled tourist destination which is ideal for paddlers seeking a kayaking tour for some peace and quiet. Due to the beauty of the islands, especially the cliffs and headlands, and their near proximity to one another, they offer good paddling for novices.

Tarutao is a marine national park on the border between Thailand and Malaysia. In fact, Langkawi, a huge island in Malaysia, is less than 10km from Tarutao. Tarutao has been designated by UNESCO as an ASEAN Heritage Site. The park consists of 51 islands including seven large ones. The main island features tidal rivers, mangrove and nipa palm forests and lots of wildlife. 

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